Chiller Products

Pressure Transducer

A pressure transducer is a device that detects and converts pressure, typically from a gas or liquid, into electrical signals. It enables accurate monitoring and control of pressure in various applications, such as industrial processes and HVAC systems.

Chiller Spare Parts

Chiller spare parts are components or replacements used to maintain and repair chillers, which are refrigeration systems used for cooling applications, such as air conditioning or industrial processes.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are devices that measure and detect the temperature of an object or environment. They provide information about heat levels, enabling monitoring and control in various applications.

Controllers HVAC

Controllers HVAC are devices that regulate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They monitor and adjust temperature, humidity, and airflow to maintain desired conditions in buildings, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency.

Angle Valves

Angle valves are plumbing fixtures with an L-shaped design, allowing water flow control at a right angle. They are commonly used to connect pipes to fixtures such as sinks or toilets.

Solenoid Valve

A solenoid valve is an electromechanical device that controls the flow of liquid or gas by using an electric current to open or close a valve, allowing or blocking the passage of fluid.

Adaptor Panels

Adaptor panels are modular units used in electrical systems to provide connections and compatibility between different types of connectors, allowing for easy integration and communication between various devices and components.

Heat Exchanger HVAC

A heat exchanger in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems transfers heat between two fluids, allowing energy-efficient heating or cooling by exchanging heat from the indoor air to the outside air or vice versa.

Oil Filter Drier

An oil filter drier is a device used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to remove moisture, contaminants, and acid from the refrigerant oil, ensuring the system's efficient operation.

Cooling Tower Fills

Cooling tower fills are components used in cooling towers to enhance heat transfer. They provide a large surface area for the water to come into contact with air, facilitating the cooling process.

HVAC Chemicals

HVAC chemicals are substances used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to improve performance and efficiency. They include cleaners, disinfectants, lubricants, and refrigerants..

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves with a disc-shaped closure element. They regulate or isolate flow by rotating the disc parallel or perpendicular to the flow direction, using a handle or actuator.

Balancing Valves

Balancing valves are devices used in HVAC systems to regulate and control the flow of fluids, such as water or air, by adjusting the valve opening. They ensure equal distribution and proper balancing of fluid flow in the system.

Coolling Tower Spare

Cooling tower spare parts are components used to maintain and repair cooling towers. They include items like fans, motors, fill media, drift eliminators, and nozzles, ensuring efficient operation and extending the lifespan of the cooling tower.

Refrigerator Supply

Refrigerator supply refers to the availability and distribution of refrigerators, ensuring that they are manufactured, stocked, and delivered to retailers or consumers, meeting the demand for cooling and food preservation.

Copper Tube Replacement HVAC

Copper Tube Replacement in HVAC refers to the process of replacing damaged or deteriorated copper tubes used for refrigerant flow in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Rescaling and Water Treatment

Rescaling refers to the process of adjusting the size or proportion of an object or image. Water treatment involves removing impurities from water to make it safe for various purposes, such as drinking or industrial use.